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Fun And Easy To Crochet Gifts

If you’re looking for some small and easy to create gifts and you have small skeins of yarn lying all over your house you might be wondering how to use them.  Well, here are some great suggestions to use up those little skeins of yarn and provide some practical, fun to use gifts at the same time!

Built in washcloth

Grab a bar of soap out of the closet and measure it and create an all in one soap cloth!  It’s simple to do with a variety of crochet stitches from simple single crochet to a more complex shell stitch! Simply build your foundation row based on the size of your soap bar and then when you’re done chain a simple tie closure and you’re ready to present a gift of soap bars that are great as stocking stuffers or little thank you gifts.  These are wonderful for taking in your suitcase while traveling as well since yarn tends to dry quicker than terry cloth and these also exfoliate and leave your skin soft and glowing!

Hair bobbles

If you have a favorite daughter, niece or granddaughter who has long hair that she wears up all the time you can make wonderful scrunches quickly and easily for her to wear every day of the week!  This is an especially good use for a batch of small yarn that you’re not sure what to do with!  You can take the traditional elastic and create your scrunches from them or you can make some fun and exciting decorated barrettes by purchasing a card of bobby pins and making them easy to use!  Combine your crochet techniques with some oversized beads and make great pony tail holders as well!

Patches and APPLIQUÉS

Kids love patches and appliqués to dress up a plain sweater, jersey or even a t-shirt and make it different than everyone else’s! Fix those worn spots on jeans knees with fun crocheted patches with designs or even plain stitches for something a little different. These fun patches create a fun look on kids’ clothes (and even adults clothes!).


Sachets are fun gifts no matter if it’s the smallest little girl or grandma. They dress up your lingerie drawers, help freshen closets and can absorb odors all over the home.  Design your sachets with fresh flowers, oils and more and use a worn out t-shit or other soft material to keep them from shaking dust everywhere! 

Tissue Box Covers

If you want to camoflage a tissue box or a roll of tissue paper to keep on the back of your bathroom these are quick and easy to make and they make wonderful gifts as well!  A skein of yarn can create up to two of these fun and easy to make covers and they’ll dress up your guest bathroom!

Throw Pillows

If you are a family that has pets you might be constantly frustrated by the little pet hairs that wind up all over your pillows and wind up matting and being almost impossible to get out.  Make a simple crocheted cover in a simple or an extravagant design and it’ll give your pillow a fresh look and you’ll have a simple to clean cover that can be tossed into the washer whenever you get those pesky pet hairs covering them!


Haves some fun with your extra pieces of yarn there are hundreds of possible uses and you can make a ton of easy to give gifts in a short period of time!  Personal gifts mean a lot to those who are receiving them – in fact they are perfect for donating to nursing homes, shelters and more!