step-by-step guide to learning how to crochet like a crochet pro
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Finally...a Simple, Step-by-Step Approach to Learning How to Crochet Like the Masters.

Even if you're just a'll know the easy secrets to putting
your hands and creativity to work to master crochet and tackle any pattern.

From the desk of Kelly Parkson

Dear friend,

If you'd like to master the techniques of crochet and easily create anything from gloves and scarves sweaters to blankets, sweaters, or even the latest fashions you'll see on the most popular magazine rack...then I'd like to share my story with you.

There was once a time when I used to hear the word "crochet" and I'd immediately think of my grandmother...sitting in her favorite chair by the fire, twisting and turning a long needle in her hands for hours and hours on a late, cold Sunday afternoon.

But today when I hear someone say crochet -- my eyes light up and I think about how far our craft has come over the past 300 years.

Today, people who crochet are seen as creative...energetic.

And more and more people are taking notice of how much you can actually do once you know how to crochet.

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I have read and thoroughly enjoy your Crochet Mastery Guide!!!!

See, I started crocheting when I was 10 years old. My grandmother was an excellant crocheter and she figured that this was a good skill for me to learn, plus the fact it kept me busy and out of trouble :-)

When my first granddaughter was born 3 years ago (and since my grandmother is no longer on this earth) I didn't have anybody to help me out when I hit a snag occassionally.

But then I purchased your guide and could not be happier.

It's so easy to follow and its almost as if my grandmother was still here with me.

Thank you so much for compiling this guide, it has helped me tremendously and brought my love of crocheting back to me and into my granddaughter's life.

Tamara Foust

You can go just about anywhere in the world today and crochet is the new art...forget old-time doilies and slip covers.

Crochet is fashion.

And once I show you the tricks and secrets of crochet you'll realize...

Crochet is Easier Than You Ever Imagined!

When I was younger, I'd watch my grandmother turn magic with her hands.

She'd crochet...and I desperately wanted to do it with her.

I might be a little biased, but my grandmother was an expert. And from what I hear...her mother was even more of a master of her craft.

So you're probably thinking, like the generations before me, I'd have the creative art of crochet running through my veins! 

But the truth is, for some reason, when I first started I just couldn't get the hang of it.

I tried.

My grandmother would spend hours trying to share her secrets with me.

But I never got it. All I wanted to do was create the things she'd could crochet herself in just a few hours.

She never said it...but I think she was a little disappointed.

Maybe I was too young and didn't have the patience and didn't want to hear what my grandmother was telling me all along...

You have to walk before you can run

As years went by, I learned to recognize good crochet and I'd stare -- with a bit of awe -- wondering why I couldn't get my hands around such a beautiful, artful craft.

A gorgeous crochet sweater would catch my eye.

I'd wrap myself in a soft and cuddly baby blanket...always thinking "there's got to be a way."

But I couldn't do it myself. 

Then, after years of frustration wondering why I couldn't crochet a masterpiece on a Sunday afternoon as my grandmother could...something clicked and my failure to catch on finally made sense.

I wanted to run before I could walk.

I was ready for the pros but hadn't gone through rookie-camp.

Finally, I understood what was missing:

I ignored the fact that before I could even begin to put my creativity to work the way my grandmother did, I had to take a step back.

I had to study -- on my own -- and learn as much as possible about all the wonderful tools and techniques every beginner must master before going to the next level.

There was no way I'd be where I am today as a crochet expert if I didn't spend time understanding the basics so many people miss before trying to master the advanced techniques.

I finally "got it" when I discovered the simple pieces I ignored, such as...

-Why the diameter of the shaft helps you to properly size the stitch.

-How the is handle should be used for balance and leverage.

-Which material makes a better hook.

-What the best hook size is for a beginner.

I was finally able to see what my grandmother was trying to teach me all along.

You must understand the basics first.

Then, your creative opportunities are unlimited.

My grandmother was finally able to teach me the real secrets of crochet and the advanced techniques I thought I'd never know.

She knew what I needed.

She knew the right way to learn crochet.

She forced me to study the most basic techniques first -- on my own -- before she took me by the hand to the next level. I put in the effort and studied from books, videos, and attended workshops...

And here's the good news...

Everything I known about crochet and everything I learned from my grandmother -- my hero and mentor -- I'm ready to pass on to you and all the others who share my passion for the wonderful craft of crochet.

That's why today, I'd like to introduce you to my...

Secrets of a Crochet Master Revealed!


step by step crochet guide is perfectly suited for  beginners and avid crocheters, written in simple english with no fancy jargon or confusing lingo

Over the years I've enjoyed sharing our crochet techniques with people who enjoy the craft as much as my grandmother and I always have.

I wanted to teach the same techniques my grandmother taught me through small workshops, but what I've found was most people learn crochet better on their own.

My new program let's you master crochet at your own pace -- with everything you need to know right there in front of you. Whenever it's convenient.

To me, it's the best way to learn crochet.

I've included every last bit of what I know in my new book..."Secrets of a Crochet Master."

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Step-by-step I deliver the “bare essentials” in plain, simple English.  No fancy jargon or confusing lingo.  

Before you know it, you'll see why they call crochet the "new yoga" and why it's one of the most relaxing, stress-relieving things you can do.

As a matter of fact, studies show crochet actually shifts your brainwaves from an energized beta state, to a relaxed and soothing alpha state.

You'll experience the perfect creative outlet, creating unique, personal projects you, your friends, and family will love.

Dear Kelly,

am very pleased with your book and presently on the chapter on advanced stitches (just finishing the v stitch). The directions are so clear. Not to mention your instructions on holding the needle have helped me a lot.

I have finished many crochet projects, but understanding the crochet stitches makes it more clear.

Like you, my grandmother also got me hooked on crochet and never used a pattern. She just looked at a piece and copied it, so I was on my own with patterns and you've definitely help.

I will always think of you as my crocheting buddy.

Miriam Thayer, Rock Creek, Ohio

"Dear Kelly,

What can I say, after years of trying to understand crochet patterns and finish projects only to be dissapointed with the results, your guide has allowed me to realise where I have been going wrong.

Thank you so much, your guide is the best!

Kind regards"

Gillian Cann, United Kingdom

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Here's some of what's included in "Secrets of a Crochet Master"...

The essential tools you want in your crochet bag. You'll guarantee your creativity is never slowed for a lack of tools. (Plus, I talk about tools you don’t need…so you can save your money)

How to create perfect, tight stitches like the pros.

 Which time-consuming mistakes to avoid so you can have more fun.

 The 3 essential tricks used by masters for tackling advanced patterns -- even with your eyes closed!  Reading a pattern will be as easy as writing your name.

6 basic stitches that are the rock solid foundation to any crochet piece. Once you understand how to create these simple loops, you’ll be amazed to find how many project you'll crochet.


 The right way to hold a hook and yarn so your crochet technique is always perfect. (In fact, it’s a surprisingly simple technique you already learned in grade school.)

Where to find the hottest crochet patterns for the latest fashions. Once tip will save you a lot of money.

 My favorite web resource for the best tools, craft supplies, and patterns.  (Wait 'till you see the low prices!)

How to choose the perfect hook for the various yarns and the right way to use it.   A surprisingly simple set of images will save you from making common mistakes and enhances your creativity.

Which yarns to use and which ones are a waste of money.

 How to avoid the 5 costly mistakes made by beginners…once you know what they are, you'll have the confidence of a crochet master.

 3 simple projects you can start right away that will boost your confidence. 

 How to easily perfect the 6 fundamental crochet stitches and when to use each one.

 How to add the crisp, clean, professional look. One technique goes “beyond the basics” but it’s surprisingly easy to do.

 When to change yarn or switch to another color and make sure your piece doesn’t unravel or look undone during this simple transition.

 How to quickly and easily make a square and the one step to take to achieve the best shape and size.

 Simple solutions to automatically increase or decrease a pattern size for a quick and easy way to alter your crochet project the way you want it.

 How to do the most advanced stitches with confidence.

7 beautiful stitches you can add to your bag of advanced tricks.

Secrets to advanced single crochet, back loop single crochet, triple crochet front loop cross-stitch, shell stitch, popcorn and bobble stitches, V stitch, picot stitch and more!

 Why some crocheters “throw in the towel”…and how to avoid giving up on a project or procrastinating.

 How to add the most decorative touch to your design.

6 simple techniques to crochet a sweater.

 The 100 year old technique to add a nostalgic touch to your crochet design and why it’s still popular today.

Everything you need to know to stitch up a warm and cozy afghan for chilly evenings by the fire…a perfect gift for anyone on your list.

How to create an adorable baby blanket… with just three simple stitches.

And much, much more...

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Listen, I've made it easy to learn how to crochet and's not that hard.

I promise you're just getting the straight-goods...not a bunch of fluff and techniques even my grandmother couldn't handle.

If you really want to become an expert in crochet, then I suggest you go ahead and get started! I've made it easy and you won't have to go through everything I had to to get to where you want to.

Let me explain...

"Secrets of a Crochet Master" comes complete with all of the techniques you need to start enjoying our wonderfu craft.

You'll discover what tools you need to get started, how to follow patterns the easy way, how to decide what yarns are easiest to work with , and how to create beautiful crochet projects faster.

The 107 page downloadable guide is broken into specific sections covering in detail the simple steps you need to crochet any project you set your mind to.

Plus, you get 186 actual color photographs to help guide you step by step as you create your crochet masterpiece -- whether you've been crocheting for 30 years or you're a newbie. These real photos are like having me sitting right next to you.

And because you can access it immediately, you'll be ready to crochet like a pro in just a few hours.

I'm giving you the same exact, step-by-step methods we've used for generations in our family and the strategies I share with creative crafters just like you.

Here's what crochet enthusiasts like you are saying about the Crochet Mastery program...

“Very easy to follow…”

Hello Kelly, Thank you for putting this program together! Your step-by-step instructions with pictures made it easy! My granddaughter and I are now able to crochet many beautiful things for her children with your easy to follow instructions.

Thank you again,
Annette Colton


Thank you for sharing your gift with those of us who consider themselves (Half) beginners.

Marcia Kittridge

“Your crochet guide is terrific…so simply written!”

I work in a yarn store and teach crocheting to customers. This book is so simply written and doesn't make it too challenging for beginners. And it's great for old timers (like me) who have been crocheting for years but like to refer back once in a while to make sure we're doing it right!

This is a great book! Good job and thank you.

Beth E Reseda, CA

“So helpful…”

Thank you for sharing so many great tips on crocheting. Your tips are so helpful to me and others like us who love to crochet.

Keep up the good work!

Jackie Thomas

“Takes you step by step…”

I found the book to be very informative, especially for a beginner. I like how it takes you step by step. For me, I need things to be spelled out very, very plainly, and this book does that.


“I’m glad I have your program…”


I purchased Crochet Mastery more than a month ago and it’s been very helpful. I'm glad I have it.


Hope Solberg

“I thought I knew everything…”


I finally had a chance to go through your guide. It's wonderful.

I’ve been crocheting for over twenty years and thought I knew everything there was about it. Your guide proved me wrong.

My money was well spent.

Mary Ann

“I followed your program and finally learned how to crochet!”

I took an $80 How to Crochet Class.

I bought several books and even the book, Crochet for Dummies.

Still I was stumped.

But when I followed the program in Crochet mastery…I really understood crochet!"

Brigitte Mars

“I learned stitches I never knew how to do.”

Kelly, I have been crocheting for 5 years. And after receiving your "Crochet Mastery" I finally learned stitches I never knew how to do. Your book is very informative and what I really liked were the photos showing how each step looked. Other similar guides don't have these photographs of steps taken. I loved the seaming techniques.

Pamela Weaver

"Your book is well organized, the photographs are clear, and you are good at clearly describing the techniques of crocheting. I can see that you are a good-natured gal with a gift for crochet and a talent for teaching."

Kristy Young
EAGAN, Minnesota

"AWESOME BOOK - Great pictures, great close-ups. Worth the money I paid for it.


Lorraine Flood from Vermont

"Finally there is a guide that you can understand."

"Hi Kelly,

I really like the Crochet Mastery guide. I will certainly enjoy using it.

Finally there is a guide that you can understand.

For anyone learning how to crochet I would highly recommend it.

Again thank you so much for putting this together."

Elaine Huffman
Griffin, Georgia

"...very impressed"

"I was very impressed with your e-book. As a self taught crochet addict of 30 years, it certainly had a lot to teach me and for beginners it would be invaluable.

One of the best e-books I have seen and excellent value for money.

Well done!"

Sheila Bennett, England

"Gave me things I didn't know..."

"I have crocheted for many years and this book gave me things I didn't know- example what needle to use with ply of yarn...and more.

Thanks much."

Barbara Roberts, West Virginia

"Thank you for putting it in laymen's terms."

"What I have read so far has been very helpful, I am self taught and I have been crocheting for about 38 years and I still learn some thing new every time I pick up my hook.

Thank you for your time that you used to put together this guide and putting it in laymen's terms."

Jeraldine Brockman, Texas

So what's the cost to discover these
Master Crochet Tecniques?

If you've ever thought about going to a crochet workshop you already know you'll be dropping anywhere in the neighborhood of $100 to even $250 on just a few classes. And if you've taken a course know once you walk out the door (unless you buy the costly take-home materials sold at the back of the room) you're on your own onc you walk out that door.

But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount for my entire Crochet Mastery Program.

In summary, here's what you get:

You get immediate access to 110 pages of the easy-to-follow, step-by-step crochet strategies and proven techniques to finally become advanced in crochet!

You'll know how to get started, how to stick with your projects, how to decide what tools to use and for which projects...and advanced ideas to create more with your creative crochet skills than you ever imagined!

Imagine your excitement when you crochet gifts for your friends. Or how good it feels keeping warm with a blanket you've created yourself. Or how proud you'll feel when someone asks "where'd you buy this?"

Not to mention the deeper benefits of crocheting...such as the stress-relief aspects and the relaxation that you can't avoid.

Crochet is such a wonderful skill so many people wish they could perfect.

And you can.

If you respond today, you pay just $39.95 $29.95

4 Fabulous Bonus Gifts When
You Respond Today...

Free Gift # 1:  20 Vintage Crochet Patterns ( $29.95 value )

20 vintage crochet patterns you can use now to practice or create elegant crochet pieces Once you master the simple, basic crochet stitches and venture out with a few advanced stitches, you’ll be ready to spread your wings with these trendy, vintage patterns.  Vintage is “in” and these fashions will lend a nostalgic flavor to home sweet home, or delight someone with a special gift. 

Here are some of the patterns you'll have...

  • Crochet Work Bag
  • Dahlia Bedspread
  • Juanita Doll
  • Sunlight Doll
  • Shell Motif
  • Beaded Doily
  • Follow Your Fancy Bag
  • Wedding Ring Bedspread
  • Oval Shell Bag
  • Sweet Sue Snood
  • Rose Ruffled Centerpiece
  • Lacy Crochet Baby Set
  • Fringed Tiebacks
  • Flower Holder and Candlesticks
  • Crocheted Flower Picture
  • Work Basket
  • Wrought Iron Wall Plagues
  • Sewing Susan
  • Vintage Purse
  • Heart Sachet

Free Bonus Gift #2: Speak the Crochet Lingo (14.95 value)

Eliminate confusion and your learning curve with our detailed guide to the most frequently used crochet lingo This is a goldmine of information you can’t afford to do without. 

Use this essential guide to blast away any confusion that sneaks up on you when you’re reading crochet patterns.  You'll want to print this one out and tuck it away in your crochet bag for save keeping. 

Free Bonus Gift #3: Online Resource Guide For Crocheters ($19.97 value)

Kelly Parkson's personal online crochet resource guide book to quickly find the most popular places on the web to find crochet designs, patterns, advise, tips and magazines A top-notch guide to some of the best marketplaces on the web.

No need to spend hours browsing for hooks, yarn, and crochet supplies…you’ve got better things to do – like crochet! 

See what’s available in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, and Asia to feed your crochet love. 

Plus all the links you'll need to the most popular forums, valuable instructions, the latest crochet patterns, books, and magazines.

Bonus Gift #4: Seven Custom Design Crochet Projects (a $29.95 value)

Create your own custom designs with the instructions provided in our seven custom crochet design guide I don't know how much longer I'll include this one, but since practice makes perfect, here’s the perfect opportunity for you to hone your new stitching skills on these charming crochet designs.

With Easy to follow instructions and vibrant pictures in living color… these designs will knock your socks off and impress your friends!

By the way, the free bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our Money Back Guarantee:

There's No Risk With My Personal,
100% Money-Back Guarantee...

Your crochet guide and system comes with our no questions asked 60 day satisfaction gurantee


Are you ready to join the world of Crochet Masters?

Go ahead and put it to the test.  I'm sharing my best techniques with you...providing simple instructions, pictures, and helpful hints so you can finally to unravel the secrets of crochet.

Claim this guide today and you’ll have a wonderful creation tomorrow (or even sooner). 

You’ll be thrilled at what your two hands and a little creativity will do for you...

The only way to get these simple, step-by step
strategies is to Order Now!

Don't put this offf! and start crocheting today ...and see how easy it is to crochet like a pro!

You can order and download the crochet mastery guide and system 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Order Crochet Mastery Guide today and begin to master crochet quickly using our step by step crocheting system

with credit card by 100% secure server.


signature Kelly parkson

Kelly Parkson


P.S. I realize you might have already spend months or even years struggling to find the key to mastering crochet.  Crochet Mastery will finally give you the answers you’ve been looking for.  You have absolutely nothing to lose. Plus, you'll receive 4 free bonuses you can keep -- even if you decide to take me up on my personal, money-back guarantee!


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without express written permission is strictly prohibted.  All violators will be prosecuted.