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What is Crochet Gauge?

Crochet gauge is the number of stitches that are contained in an inch of rows.  Gauge will vary depending not only on the type of yarn you’re using but will also vary depending on your hook. In addition, how tightly you crochet will also have an impact on the gauge that you create when you’re working on a crochet garment.

When you begin working on a pattern to determine if you’re within the proper gauge for that pattern, create a piece that is 6 inches long by 6 inches squire and measure the stitching in the center to find out what your gauge is.  This is really important if you’re working on a garment since your gauge will affect how the garment fits.

Changing the gauge

If you crochet a piece and you find out that your stitch gauge is smaller than it should be then you’ll need to use a larger hook.  Until you reach the proper gauge given in a pattern you’ll have to increase the size of the hook until you find the one that works for you.


A)  Always create a swatch to test gauge.  It should be at least 2 inches by 2 inches to make sure that you have the right gauge.

B)  Make sure that your sample swatch is in fact square as it will make your count far more accurate.

C)  Make sure you use your natural tension – this will help make sure you get a proper measurement

D)  If you tend to crochet tight stitches, then you’ll most likely need a larger hook

E)  Make sure that your foundation chain isn’t too light or too loose when you start your pattern

F)  You should always measure your swatches on a solid surface that is completely flat.