How to Crochet
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Why Crochet

Almost anyone you ask who crochets will tell you that this is their favorite type of yarn work. Some of the reasons are the variety of easy to create stitches.  However, there are other reasons why people prefer crochet over knitting including:

A)  You only need one hook – knitting requires two needles and this can be awkward for some users to get accustomed to.  Holding a crochet hook isn’t all that different from holding a pencil.

B)  Variety – one of the best things about crochet is that you can crochet with a variety of textures, weights and yarn types. You can use crochet thread and a smaller hook, or you can use a very bulky yarn.

C)  Design – one of the best features of taking up crochet is that you can create a variety of simple designs and you don’t have to be an artist to do it! You can combine a variety of stitches and make beautiful customized pieces with very little prior knowledge of pattern making.

D)  Combinations – whether you work with a thick or thin yarn you can vary your stitches to include bobbles, chains, slip stitches and more to get an unusual pattern that is unique to the piece you are working on

E)  Ease of use – one of the most common comments about why crochet is easier is because it starts with a single slip stitch and work can be one continuous piece which makes it much easier to work.   Whether you’re working in a granny square, or making circles you can make your pieces as big or as small as you’d like them to be.

Overall, crochet is far more versatile than knitting (according to most crochet masters) though I’m sure that knit masters would have a different take on it!

One of the reasons I prefer crochet is that once you establish your base rows you don’t really need to do a lot of stitch counts unless you are working on a very intricate pattern. I often work on my crochet pieces while I’m on a train, watching television and even in meetings – the work is quick and easy and unless you’re trying to follow a special pattern that has changing stitches in a number of rows chances are that you don’t need to have 100% of your attention focused on your work all the time.

Experimenting with crochet stitches is fun – and you should experiment and learn more about the craft that you’ve just learned.